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"I think I'm lost."

managing intercultural relationships

"I think I'm lost"
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Talk about and gain insight into how to deal with intercultural relationships, business & romantic
Essentially a community to talk about, vent, hopefully gain insight and help and hear different perspectives on issues related to socializing/dating as an immigrant/traveler/person living abroad or coming into the company of someone else whose culture you're not a member of.

As if dating isn't hard enough, right?

Your maintainer is a black American female living in a somewhat isolated, but moderately populous city in Korea. Your situation doesn't have to be as dramatic, but as long as culture clash (not racial tension) is playing an active role in your relationships, be they romantic or platonic, this community is for you.

Articles of Interest:

The Heart Has Reasons: A Look at Intercultural Relationships by Celeste Heiter

Cross-Cultural Encounters (Amazon book list)

Intercultural Marriage: Promises & Pitfalls
by Dugan Romano